"Even though I began my career as a studio musician I never stopped composing...
And in reality, even as a studio musician, I was often asked to create/write a solo guitar part for the arranger/producers I was working for in any given session, or as an arranger to cook up/write a great hook, intro or bridge in any given song. Basically, all those little extra touches, licks and contributions ARE compositions. Composing is simply the art of creating a melody over some harmonic progression, sometimes both, when adding a new part to a song - intros or bridges - as an arranger/producer. So the fact that composing has now become my #1 musical activity is just a logical way for me to get back to basics and fits quite well with my current artistic endeavors and aspirations.

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As a composer I am proud to have won 2 awards in International Film Festivals, which, even in today's very formatted musical environment, makes me feel more energized and motivated to do more and try harder, developping my compositional skills with every new project I take on.

And it may seem as if there isn't too much space for personal creativity and "freedom" of expression when you're composing music in that environment (assuming that's what you're looking for of course), when everything you listen to, everything you hear is based on the same musical culture, using the same tempos, lengths, instrumentations & writing codes; when everything has been created using the same work methods, DAWs, computized music programs & soundbanks, sensible production units & tools. I have nonetheless found that composing for feature films or television series and films or for music libraries vs composing songs for singers,  gives me just enough freedom/space to feel good and enthusiastic about sitting down in front of my computer displays or with a guitar on my knee to start a day's work.

In addition to which, I'm truly happy and fortunate to be working in so many different areas; the challenge keeps me "fresh" and up to speed with the latest standards, cuttng edge trends, sounds and technology.  The challenge is really about giving each project that special "signature", that unique and personal touch."

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Studio 124
124 Quai Louis Blériot, 75016 Paris - France
phone : +33 614 629 810, e-mail : studio124paris@gmail.com
Studio 124 Publishing
Danièle or Véronique, phone : +33 147 580 681, e-mail : emdf@noos.fr