"Studio 124 v.2 (Studio 124 has moved) is a project studio & production suite as well as the name of my publishing company, located in Paris 75016, minutes away from the Eiffel tower.

Studio 124 v.2 is fully equipped with its ProTools HD Native v.12 , 2 Mac computers, an arsenal of SSD Drives for film and television recordings and music production. Equipment also includes a selection of "must have" hardware toys (Manley, Neve, SSL, API, Chandler Preamps, Compressors & EQ's, Distressors, DBX, etc..), vintage tube, ribbon, dynamic or transistor 30 pro studio mics collection as well as an array of instruments (electric and acoustic guitars from the 5 continents), vintage amps and keyboards, not forgetting an extensive library of sounds and plugins.". Numark turntable & mixer, Ableton LIve Suite, Maschine Studio, Launchpad, APC 40...are here too when needed for urban and electronic beatmaking. A cosy and great sounding room serves for vocals, voice overs, guitars....

 Studio 124 v.1 started in 2004. In December 2015 i moved a few blocks away and took the opportunity to make a radical upgrade to adjust my gear to the needs of a fast pace evolving music economy. I decided to get a smaller, more flexible and more portable system, only keeping the high-end hardware tools i was really using daily in the "real life", upgrading my ProTools rig and adding a few top notch outboard goodies. All the hardware analog lovers are forced to admit that some of the Virtual Instruments and plugins come very close to the original and when in a rush you love the fact that a recall is very "instant" if working in the digital world. I had the chance to work for JM Jarre's latest "Electronica" album. That s a good exemple of smart use of analog and digital. And it s the sign of a global move. Pro consoles and outboard gear will remain in studios where you record live drums, bands, orchestras...And on the opposite a boosted laptop will make it for most users. 
What do the people i m working with ask for ? Great sounding music, delivered on time (means fast) and affordable. So you have to get the tools of the trade. The range of what i produce at Studio 124 is large : ready to broadcast full mix for TV series, production music, songs, ProTools sessions to be mixed in big studios for films (exactly what happened when working for DreamWorks "Kung Fu Panda 3"),  single tracks i record and send through the internet to clients anywhere in the world. So it varies a lot, and musicians/composers like me have to wear more and more hats. One of them is the hat of mixing and mastering engineer. For all these reasons i stopped using my beloved SSL console and concentrated more on speed mixing "in the box" with a new MacBookPro on steroids , a new ProTools HD Native, Ableton Live Suite, and added some "must haves" like a Manley tube stereo compressor limiter. Of course I kept my great collection of microphones, my best Neve, Api...preamps, Distressors etc...I kept all my "go to" toys, Maschine, various controllers, Komplete Kontrol and an arsenal of SSD drives. For big intensive CPU projects i link the laptop with an MacPro. 
So I m all set for 2016 :-)
Happy New Year to you all who read those lines and listen to my music !!!

For the fun of it i'll post a few photos of the highlights of Studio 124 v.1 later.

As you know if you have visited my pages i work in a lot of different areas. So my gear upgrades/additions cover :

- New guitars/string instruments
- New Fx pedals
- New synths
- New recording outboard gear
- New microphones
- New software/plugins
- New Virtual Instruments

- NI State-of-the art contollers : Maschine Studio, Komplete Kontrol
- Yamaha U3 piano
- New Synths : King Korg , Nordlead
- Gefell M300 pair mics
- Aguilar 350 amp + Torpedo 2 Notes C.A.B
- VOX AC 15 guitar amp
- Vintage Ampeg RocketReverb guitar amp
- Vintage pre-40 6 string Banjo
- 50's Favino classical guitar
- Radial Reamp 500 series format
- NI Komplete 10 Ultimate
- Vintage tube Oktavia/Lomo russian mic

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Studio 124
124 Quai Louis Blériot
75016 Paris - France
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Studio 124 Publishing
Danièle or Véronique
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Studio 124
124 Quai Louis Blériot, 75016 Paris - France
phone : +33 614 629 810, e-mail :
Studio 124 Publishing
Danièle or Véronique, phone : +33 147 580 681, e-mail :